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Results – Public Acceptance of Transgender People in Kenya

In 2019, the Transgender Education and Advocacy (TEA) conducted a study on evaluating levels of public acceptance  of transgender people in Kenya. This is the first study in Africa on the subject. Some key findings of the study include:

  1. There are high levels of anti-transgender and transphobia in Kenya
  2. Among Kenyans, acceptance of a transgender sibling translates to acceptance of all transgender persons in the society
  3. Most Kenyans will accept transgender people if they are not related to them or if they have no social or professional contact with them
  4. Kenyans who approve sex change and DON’T perceive transgender persons as homosexual/gay people have no transphobia or anti-transgender stigma
  5. Kenyans who approve sex change but perceive transgender persons as gay people have moderate transphobia
  6. Kenyans who disapprove sex change and approve arrest and imprisonment of transgender persons have great transphobia
  7. More Kenyans of the male gender are transphobic than female Kenyans
  8. Kenyans between 18 – 35 years are less transphobic than Kenyans aged 36 years and above
  9. People with secondary and tertiary education are more likely to be transphobic and have anti-transgender stigma than Kenyans with primary school education.
  10. More Kenyans are of the opinion that transgender people ought to be accepted as normal members of the society.


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